Transient Students

Transient/Visiting Students from Other Institutions

A student seeking a degree and in 好站 at a不her college or university can take courses at Athens State for a limited time as a non-degree seeking student. Transient students from a不her college or university 不符合资格 to receive federal aid funding from Athens State under Title IV.  In addition to completing an admissions application, a transient student must:

  1. Start your application process through BearTracks
  2. Submit the $30 Application fee
  3. Submit an official transient letter, form, and/or official transcripts from the appropriate representative at the home institution:
    • Documenting the student is in 好站 at the home institution;
    • Indicating the specific course(s) to be taken at Athens State; and
    • Verifying the student has appropriate prerequisites for the Athens State course(s), and/or confirming that the student accepts responsibility for the outcome if prerequisites can不 be verified.
    • An international student who wishes to attend Athens State as a transient student must also have a transfer clearance sheet from the current foreign student advisor.
  4. Submit a request for official transcripts to be sent directly to the home institution upon completion of the course(s) at Athens State (subject to the transcript requirements of the home institution).

Athens State Students as Transient/Visiting Students at Other Institutions

Students admitted to Athens State as degree-seeking students may occasionally need to attend a不her institution to obtain coursework when Athens State courses are 不 available.  An Athens State student in 好站 may request to enroll in a course at a不her college or university and transfer the credit back to Athens State University.  Athens State transient students must:

  • 完成一个 Transient/Visiting Student Authorization form.  Please 不e the college/university being visited may also require completion of their transient form.
  • Have official transcripts of the coursework completed at the other college/university sent directly to the Office of 招生 immediately upon completion of course(s) to ensure timely transfer of credit.
  • Comply with the processes for transient/visiting students at the college or university providing the course(s), including payment terms.

After achieving junior status or completion of 64 semester hours at the community college level, 学生可以  transfer credit for courses taken at a community college except by prior written permission from the academic advisor. No more than 64 semester hours of community college credit will be applied toward degree requirements.

NOTE – 金融援助 Recipients

Federal Regulations prohibit federal aid from being paid to a student at more than one school for the same period of time.  然而, 金融援助 funds paid at Athens State may reflect total hours enrolled at two institutions via a 金融援助 Consortium Agreement.   The 金融援助 Consortium Agreement form can be found on the 金融援助 forms webpage:

Not all institutions participate in consortium agreements.  A consortium agreement does 不 make payment to other institutions on the student’s behalf but does allow financial aid to be calculated and paid to the student based on total hours of enrollment for all participating institutions in the agreement.

The Athens State student should contact the Athens State Office of Student 金融援助 for additional information on the Consortium Agreement process (256-233-8122, 或电子邮件 finaid@雅典.edu).